Passion. Experience. Diligence.





The Pennsylvania State University
B.S. Psychology, 2003

General Civil Mediation Course and Practicum 2011

Domestic Relations Mediation Course and Practicum 2013

Nia is a native of East Point, Georgia and attended Tri-Cities High School before attending Penn State University. Upon graduating from Penn State, Nia began her legal career as an office assistant at Mann & Moran, PC in East Point, Georgia in 2003. Nia was able to learn the ins and outs of the legal world while working for Mann & Moran, PC. She gained knowledge and experience in a variety of legal topics including, family law, personal injury, criminal defense, and general civil litigation.

While working for Mann & Moran, PC Nia completed 94-hours of mediation training by enrolling in the Civil and the Divorce and Family Mediation Training offered by Henning Mediation & Aribitration Services, Inc. Nia was also licensed with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. Following her employment with Mann & Moran, PC, Nia provided mediation services thru court referrals from Cobb County ADR, Clayton County ADR, and the 6th District ADR program.

Nia has began providing mediation services independently with a focus on helping families that are transitioning. Our goal is to help all families find common ground with disputes arising from divorce or child custody, making this transition less complicated.